5 Mistakes People Make When Buying Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is a vital part of being a responsible rider. Not only does it protect you financially, but it also helps to ensure that you and your bike are properly covered in the case of theft or damage. However, buying motorcycle insurance can be a complex process, and riders often make a few key mistakes. Johnsen Insurance in Baraboo, WI offers a look at five of the most common mistakes people make when purchasing motorcycle insurance and how to avoid them.

Motorcycle Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not Knowing What Type of Coverage You Need 

There are various types of motorcycle insurance coverage available, from liability to comprehensive. It’s important to know what type of coverage you need to get the best protection for your bike.

2. Not Shopping Around for the Best Rates 

When it comes to insurance, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every rider is different, and so are their insurance needs. As such, it’s important to shop around and compare rates from different insurers in order to find the best deal.

3. Failing to Disclose Important Details 

When you’re applying for motorcycle insurance, it’s important to be honest, and upfront about any relevant details that could affect your coverage. This includes things like your riding history, the type of bike you ride, and where you live. Remember, lying or omitting important information on your application could result in your policy being voided.

4. Not Reading the Fine Print 

It’s important to read the fine print of any insurance policy before you sign on the dotted line. This way, you’ll know exactly what’s covered and what isn’t. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a situation where you’re not properly covered.

5. Not Reviewing Your Policy Regularly 

Your insurance needs can change over time, so it’s important to review your policy regularly to ensure that it still meets your needs. If not, you may need to adjust your coverage or switch insurers altogether.

Following these tips can avoid making common mistakes when buying motorcycle insurance. Johnsen Insurance in Baraboo, WI can help you find the right policy for your needs.

How Can I Get Boat/Watercraft Insurance?

Many residents of Baraboo, WI may aspire to own a boat or a watercraft. Once you make this precious purchase, you should also get watercraft insurance to protect the boat, yourself, and any passengers you bring along on your boating excursions. As a new boat owner, you are likely wondering how to get boat insurance. Johnsen Insurance provides you with the following tips in navigating boat/watercraft insurance. 

Getting Boat/Watercraft Insurance

1. Pick a Reputable Insurance Provider

There are numerous boat insurance providers in Baraboo. However, you should select a reputable insurer with a good reputation. At Johnsen Insurance, we suggest that you ask friends and family for references and do comprehensive online research to help you create a shortlist of the best insurance providers.

2. Gather Your Information

Whether you are purchasing watercraft insurance for the first or the tenth time, the insurance providers will expect you to share the following information, basic personal details, craft information, and lien or marina information. The insurers will also ask you about your driving record and craft use.

3. Consider Your Coverage Needs

Take time to determine your coverage needs, including policy limits and deductibles, with the help of an insurance expert. Some popular types of coverage that boat owners go for are bodily injury and property damage liability, “all-risk” overage, named perils coverage, fuel spill coverage, and hurricane haul-out coverage.

4. Get a Quote

Request a quote from the insurance providers you shortlisted either by yourself or through an insurance agent/broker and compare them. If you are doing it yourself, you can get the quote for your watercraft insurance by contacting the insurer through the contact details on their website.

5. Get Insured

After comparing the quotes, pick the insurance provider you are most comfortable with from the shortlist and get insured.

Are You Looking For Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Baraboo, WI?

We at Johnsen Insurance are willing and ready to help you get the best boat/watercraft insurance coverage. Contact us today.

Life insurance FAQs

Life insurance is something that you do for the ones you love. You don’t usually benefit from it, but there is a certain satisfaction and peace of mind in knowing that the ones you love won’t be poverty-stricken if something happens to you. At Johnsen Insurance in Baraboo WI, we know that life insurance is essential coverage most people don’t know a whole lot about. We are here to answer the questions you may have today and every day. 

Is it possible to be too old to buy life insurance?

Not if you have someone dependent on you or want to leave a legacy to your grandchildren or great-grandchildren. It may not be the best investment, but having said that, it is risk-free, so it may be something you feel comfortable buying. Some people buy life insurance to make sure their final expenses are paid for, which is another good reason. 

Do you need to buy life insurance if you get some as an employment benefit?

Yes, you do. Your life insurance from your employer is a great benefit, but consider the possibility that you leave that employer or get sick and cannot work. What then? It is always best to have personal control over your protection. You know better than your employer how much life insurance you need. 

How much life insurance do I need?

How much you need depends on what your income is and who depends on that income. You need to figure out how many years of your income you need to provide and that will give you a basic figure to build your insurance portfolio on. You want to balance that with what you can afford. 

To discuss your life insurance needs, call Johnsen Insurance in Baraboo WI. We are here for you. 


The Different Types of Auto Insurance

There are many different types of auto insurance available today. There is a liability, collision, comprehensive, and medical payments coverage, to name a few. But what does each one do? Do you need all four? Or can you get by with just one type of coverage? Read on to find out the answer.

1. Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers the losses and damages that may occur to another person or their property if you cause an accident. The main thing that this type of insurance protects is the financial costs associated with an accident that’s your fault.

If you are sued, this coverage can help pay for injuries and damage to others resulting from accidents such as medical care, lost earnings, damaged property, and court costs. A driver’s liability insurance usually has a specific limit of coverage. If the expense is more than that amount, that driver is responsible for paying the additional costs.

2. Collision Insurance

Collision insurance helps cover costs associated with damage to your vehicle resulting from a collision with another car or object, such as a tree. Suppose you are responsible for damages to your vehicle in a collision. In that case, collision coverage will pay for repairs minus any amount of deductible you have agreed to when signing up for the insurance.

3. Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is a broad term that helps cover losses that do not result from a collision with another vehicle or object. This includes weather damage, theft, fire, and vandalism. Comprehensive policies usually cover more than just your vehicle with the additional options of losing personal belongings left inside your car or coverage for injuries suffered by yourself or passengers in an accident.

4. Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payments coverage pays for medical expenses you or your passengers incur after a car accident, regardless of who is at fault. These types of insurance usually limit how much they will pay per person and a maximum amount available per accident.

Looking for Auto Insurance in Baraboo, WI?

It’s essential to understand the types of auto insurance available, so you can pick out what you need. Do not hesitate to contact Johnsen Insurance to discuss your options further.

7 Important Terms to Know Before Getting Commercial Insurance

When it comes to commercial insurance, there’s so much to know. You would do well to research some things before you set up your policy for your business. The following are terms that would be helpful to know about commercial insurance. 

Open Perils 

This covers all losses besides ones that are specifically excluded. Earthquakes and other earth movements, as well as floods, are common perils that are excluded under this type of coverage.

Specified Perils 

Specified perils come with a list of each peril that will be insured against. This includes windstorms, vandalism, fire, and explosion, among other things. You’re able to request either broad or basic specified perils coverage. Broad adds to the list of the covered perils you see with the basic version. 

Aggregate Limit

This is the maximum dollar amount of coverage that’s in force for a liability or property damage policy. It can be determined on a per-occurrence basis, or you can apply a general aggregate for the term of the policy. 

Agreed Value 

Agreed value is a method of loss valuation by which the insurer and insured person come up with an agreed amount the insured will be paid in case of a loss.


This short-term agreement offers you temporary coverage until your policy is issued or delivered. 


This liability policy covers claims that arise out of occurrences taking place during your policy period, no matter when your claim is filed. 

Written Premium 

This is the total premium between all the policies that are written by your insurer in a certain period of time, regardless of the portion that’s been earned.

Choose a reputable company from which to get your commercial insurance policy. Serving the Baraboo, WI area, Johnsen Insurance has agents who can make the process easier. 

Do I need homeowners’ insurance for my tiny home?

Although insurance coverage for a tiny home isn’t required by law, you’ll need it if you finance your tiny home. It’s likely that your lender will require you to carry insurance if the house hasn’t been paid for in full. This is the lenders’ way of protecting their investment before your tiny home is paid for in full. However, the type of insurance you’re required to carry will vary according to the type of tiny home you have. Conversely, if you didn’t finance your tiny home, you aren’t required to insure it, unless it’s a requirement in the community or neighborhood you live in. 

What kind of insurance do you need for a tiny home?

Typically, you’ll be required to carry either RV insurance or mobile home insurance. Both policies will operate similarly to a homeowners policy. Both policies will provide protection for your tiny home’s exterior and interior as well as your personal possessions. Although tiny homes don’t appreciate in value, insurance provides protection that helps sustain and repair your home if needed. 

RV Insurance for a Tiny Home

As mentioned earlier, the type of coverage you’re required to carry for your tiny home will depend on how it’s built. Logically speaking, if your tiny home is built on wheels, you’ll be required to carry RV insurance. A tiny home on wheels is similar to an RV in that it operates as a home on wheels like an RV. 

Mobile Home Insurance for a Tiny Home

If your tiny home is stationary or built on a permanent foundation, you will need mobile home insurance. Because your tiny home isn’t built according to conventional home standards, it would be considered similar to a mobile home. If you have questions about the best insurance for your tiny home, give our team at Johnsen Insurance a call. Our Baraboo, WI team would be happy to answer your questions.

How To Make The Most Of Boat Ownership

Owning your own boat is a great way to spend time outdoors and to make memories with your friends and family. At Johnsen Insurance serving Baraboo, WI and surrounding areas, we want to help you make the most of your boat ownership. Keep reading to learn more. 

Protect Your Investment

You have invested money and maybe also some time in your boat. The only way to protect that investment is by having it properly insured. Even if the area you live in does not require boat insurance in order to operate your boat, it is still the best way to protect your investment. 

If your boat is damaged or lost due to fire, burglary, or natural disaster, a boat insurance policy will pay you to repair or replace your watercraft. 

Protect Yourself 

Owning a boat can be a lot of fun, but it is also a big responsibility. Accidents can happen, and when they happen on the water, they can be serious. If your boat is involved in an accident and causes damage to another vessel, you will be held personally responsible to pay for damages. If anyone is injured on your boat or they are injured because of your boat, you will be held responsible for any medical bills or legal fees that could result. 

A good boat insurance policy will protect you in liability cases like these so that you will not be left financially vulnerable. 

If you would like to learn more about our services, or if you are interested in a boat insurance policy, please contact us at Johnsen Insurance serving Baraboo, WI and surrounding areas. 

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Life Insurance

Most people associate life insurance with death. While it’s true, life insurance is more than death. We have many financial milestones to prepare in advance in this life, like buying a home, paying for college, and retirement savings. On top of these planned expenses, unexpected events also happen, which can drain you financially if not well-prepared.

Life insurance is one way of building up your financial security to protect your loved ones. That said, there are many reasons why you should purchase life insurance from Johnsen Insurance in Baraboo, WI.

It’s a sound financial plan

Lack of enough coverage results in harsh consequences for many families, especially if the primary breadwinner dies. But with life insurance and such occurrence, the policy will help the family pay important financial needs like college fees, living expenses, or even death expenses.  

It pays off debts

Most people accumulate some debt in their lifetimes, such as student loans or mortgages. When one dies, this debt can burden the family or their heirs. Life insurance clears these debts in such cases. 

Gives extra support in retirement 

There are several ways to prepare for retirement. Life insurance is one way. It can provide one with supplementary income through withdraws, policy loans, or long-term care benefits.

It protects your business

Running a business does not come easy. You do not want your legacy to go down after your death. That’s why life insurance is there to protect your legacy.

It gives peace of mind

While no one wants to think about their death, it’s inevitable. Life insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are taken care of in the event of your death.

Life insurance in Baraboo, WI 

Life can veer from the finest plans to the worst unplanned events. And that’s why having a sound life insurance plan is crucial for everyone with a dependent. If you are looking for life insurance in Baraboo, WI, and its environs, look no further than Johnsen Insurance. Contact us today for an affordable quote.

Does auto insurance cover a rental car?

It’s summer and thoughts turn to vacation. Hotel and flight reservations and possibly a rental car. These days, most reservations are made online and once you have chosen the company you want to rent from, you will choose your pick-up and drop-off location, date, and size of the vehicle. At Johnsen Insurance in Baraboo, WI, we have a team of experienced independent agents who are always ready to help our customers find the perfect insurance. 

Generally speaking, the best answer to "does auto insurance cover a rental car" is yes, if you have the right insurance. Whether your particular auto insurance covers a rental car is something you need to verify with your insurance agent. 

If you have basic auto insurance, you only have liability and while that is as important when you are renting a car as it is when you are just driving your car, it is not enough to protect you. One kind of insurance the rental car companies will offer is excess liability coverage. If you are satisfied with the liability coverage that you have on your personal auto insurance, you can refuse this coverage with confidence. 

If you carry comprehensive and collision coverage on your personal policy and you have a relatively new vehicle, chances are your personal insurance will have a high enough limit to cover a rental vehicle. If you are in doubt, give your independent insurance agent a call to check. 

Another type of insurance the rental company will try to sell you is personal effects coverage. If you have a home, a condo or have renters’ insurance, you already have this insurance and don’t need to purchase it. 

If you don’t care about price and just want to relax and not worry about deductibles, the CDW offered by the rental car company provides that. 

Contact Johnsen Insurance in Baraboo, WI for all your auto insurance questions. 

Commercial Insurance for Startups

As a startup in Baraboo, WI, you need to make sure that you invest in great insurance that makes sense for your needs. At Johnsen Insurance, we can help you find high-quality startup insurance that will suit your needs and give you the best level of coverage necessary for your firm’s well-being.

The Insurance You’ll Need 

As a startup, you typically need the same kind of insurance that any other business may need. However, some providers may have specialty startup insurance options that may cost you less and which are more suited to your needs. Doing so will help give you policies that make sense for your firm. These often include things like:

  • Liability coverage tailored to your field 
  • Disability insurance for those in your company
  • Workers compensation and unemployment coverage 
  • Property insurance that protects you from serious problems 
  • Hacking and cybersecurity protection for modern internet issues
  • Business interruption policies to keep you solvent in hard times 
  • Critical person coverage for executives or owners in your field 
  • Business owner’s policies that cover a variety of the issues above 

When creating your insurance policy, you can choose what types of options make the most sense for you and tweak them to fit your needs. Then, work directly with your agent and ask them more about these policies and how easy they are to integrate into your financial situation. And don’t overinsure! Too many people make the mistake of buying too much insurance for their startup and excess cash.

Get Covered Today 

As you can see, it is essential to talk to us at Johnsen Insurance right away about your commercial insurance options. Whether you live in Baraboo, WI, or nearby, we can provide you with the policy options that make the most sense for your needs as a new startup in your area.