Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Wisconsin

The state does not require that you have any boat or watercraft insurance, except if you have a commercial fishing boat. However, it’s important to keep in mind that some vessels, such as cabin cruisers or bass boats, can be expensive but a boat insurance policy is able to protect your investment. A collision with a swimmer, other vessels, or skier can easily lead to a lot of property damage or bodily injury claims against you. With insurance, you can be protected from the cost of a settlement or legal fees. If you have a boat in Baraboo, WI then you will need to have it registered, with some exceptions.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover in Wisconsin?

Boat insurance policies will vary, depending on the coverage you get. Work with an agent at Johnsen Insurance to make sure that you have your needs covered. A basic policy in Baraboo, WI will give you liability coverage for any accidents that result in injuries or property damage to others. You will also get coverage for certain damages to your property, including your trailer and boat if they are damaged when being transported to and from the water. Then you want to make sure you have the add-on coverage you need. Collision coverage will protect your boat after an accident. There is coverage for your personal property, including fishing equipment, tools, and safety equipment. Towing and assistance coverage will be helpful if your boat becomes disabled. Medical expenses insurance for you and passengers will pay if there are injuries after a boating accident. You can get uninsured boating insurance since damages caused by other boaters may not be covered because insurance isn’t required. Comprehensive coverage can pay for damages your boat sustains while being docked. Coverage for cleanup of wreckage and fuel spills is also available and these expensive charges will need to be covered by you after an accident.

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