Home Insurance in Wisconsin

Your home is one of your most valuable assets and should be treated as such. Our clients that live in or around Baraboo, WI find the need for home insurance to be essential and a level of financial protection should their home and property fall victim to unforeseen circumstances.

Is Home Insurance Required?

While the state of Wisconsin does not require home insurance, most mortgages companies do require it. At Johnsen Insurance, we work with a number of mortgage companies to offer the policies that meet their requirements. Many of our clients that own their homes also maintain home insurance to keep that protection should their home be damaged or the scene of a liability incident.

Property Coverage

Your home and other structures on your property should be covered with home insurance. Any sheds, garage spaces, or other buildings on your property should be included when you purchase your policy. As you add new structures you can include them on your policy. In the event of an accident event or natural disaster involving things like wind and hail, the damage done to any of these structures is covered under your policy. These properties are also covered comprehensively should one or more of these structures become the victim of theft or burglary where your property is damaged and stolen.

Liability Coverage

Many home insurance claims in Wisconsin are liability claims where a guest is hurt or has property damaged due to negligence of the homeowner. Even if it is accidental, someone getting hurt on your property can sue you for the cost of medical bills and other fees associated with the accident. With liability coverage, you do not have to come out of your own pocket financially.

Shield Your Home Today

If you are looking to update a home insurance policy or want to purchase a new one, our agents at Johnsen Insurance are standing by. Our Baraboo, WI clients can come by our office or give us a call today for more information.