The Sirens are Screaming and the Fires are Howling

Some people just never see the sudden curve until it’s way too late. The state of Wisconsin ranks sixth in the United States for most motorcycle accidents, with 14.42% of the 825 fatal crashes involving motorcycles. This makes it vital for a cyclist in the Badger State to have motorcycle liability insurance. Keep in mind that auto insurance does not cover your motorcycle and Wisconsin requires that motorcyclists carry uninsured motorist coverage.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

Liability Insurance

If you cause damage to another person or property with your motorcycle, liability insurance will cover it. Your rates may go up, but at least you don’t have to pay out of pocket for injuring someone. 

Collision Insurance 

Now suppose the accident was the fault of something outside your control, such as bad weather. This will pay for repairs to your motorcycle that might be needed. 

Comprehensive Insurance 

If your motorcycle is stolen, vandalized, or damaged by anything other than being on the road, this will compensate you for expenses to repair or replace your motorcycle. 

Personal Injury Protection 

You may be torn and twisted, but just enough to land in the hospital. Personal Injury Protection will cover most of your hospital bills, medical expenses, and lost wages. 

Uninsured Motorist Coverage 

In the unfortunate event that you get into an accident with a hoodlum with no insurance, this insurance will take care of you. Sure, you could try and sue the miscreant, but you can’t get blood out of a stone. 

Looking for Insurance in Baraboo, WI? Johnsen Insurance Can Help!

We at Johnsen Insurance hope you’re never in an accident, but we’ll be there for you if you are. We serve the greater Baraboo, WI community. Please drive safely and responsibly.