What boat insurance covers and what it doesn’t

Understanding the Importance of Boat Insurance in Wisconsin

Boating is incredibly popular in Wisconsin, with the beautiful Lake Michigan and extensive Mississippi River offering ample opportunities for water-based fun. At Johnsen Insurance in Baraboo, WI, we’ve provided personalized insurance services for six decades, helping boating enthusiasts make informed decisions about their specific insurance needs.

Why You Need Boat Insurance in Wisconsin

While Wisconsin does not require boat insurance by law, it’s critical to consider the risks involved in boating. If you’re a boat owner with significant assets, having boat insurance makes sense. Also, if you’ve taken a boat loan or use a marina, you may be required to have boat insurance.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

A typical boat insurance policy covers several risks and eventualities:

  • Liability Coverage: This covers damages you cause to others, their property, and medical expenses.
  • Collision and Comprehensive Coverage: This covers damage to your boat due to an accident, theft, vandalism, or uncontrolled events. This may also include coverage for fishing or diving equipment on your boat.
  • Uninsured Boaters’ Coverage: Provides protection if an uninsured boater damages your boat or injures you or your passengers.
  • Breakdown Coverage: Helps with towing and repairs if your boat breaks down. Some policies may also cover engine replacement.

What Boat Insurance Doesn’t Cover

It’s also crucial to be aware that boat insurance typically doesn’t cover wear and tear, which is an expected part of owning a boat.

Why take the risk? Contact our team at Johnsen Insurance in Baraboo, WI today to discuss your boat insurance needs.