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  • In our industry we rely heavily on our insurance agent. Johnsen Insurance is aware of that and is excellent in meeting our business needs. It is exceptionally useful to have such an attentive vendor.

    Cheryl Seymour Deppe Transit LLC Controller
  • Johnsen Insurance has provided my home & auto insurance for years and always in my best interest - would not consider going elsewhere!

    Jane Z.
  • Johnsen Insurance are the dynamic partner that you want for your business or personal needs. Their knowledge, personal attention and commitment will make any area or issue achievable. They view you as family as you will of them; Circus World is very proud to be part of the Johnsen Insurance family. Their support of the Baraboo community is profound and makes us all better.

    Scott O'Donnell Circus World Director
  • I have insured my business with Johnsen Insurance for over 36 years and have always received stellar service!

    Roy Mjelde Top Hat of Baraboo & Madison Owner
  • Glenville Timberwrights has been relying on Johnsen Insurance since 2011 and we have been extremely happy with their service. Bill handles all of our business insurance from auto to Work Comp and do a great job. They take care of all of our requests quickly and with the utmost efficiency and courtesy.

    Les Pennington Glenville Timberwrights Controller
  • The Al. Ringling Mansion has been insured through Johnsen Insurance for several years now and we wouldn't have it any other way. Great value and great customer care!

    Joe Colossa AL. Ringling Mansion Owner
  • Johnsen Insurance has been so much more than our insurance agency. They have gone above and beyond to ensure that we have the best coverage possible for our unique historical property, as well as helped guide us on best practices to maximize onsite safety and minimize risk. They have provided us with incredible, highly personalized service. Both Bill and Mike Johnsen have shown repeatedly that they truly care about the theatre through their countless hours of volunteering. Not many insurance agents will go that far for a client!!

    Stephanie Miller-Lamb Al. Ringling Theatre Executive Director
  • Being a small business owner and having never ending questions about the new discoveries and changes in my field. I have found Johnsen Insurance to be not only knowledgeable in the field, but also incredibly focused on helping their clients.

    Taffy Harrison Vintage Port Coffee & Catering
  • I am a very busy person and with Johnsen Insurance I don’t have to worry or become an insurance expert myself. This is a great value to me.

    Mike Palm City of Baraboo Mayor
  • As a business owner you never want to test the limits of your business Insurance Coverage. When a situation arises that you do have to test your insurance you pray that you and your insurance agent have put together a comprehensive plan that covers all your bases. We moved our Business Insurance Policies to Johnsen Insurance about 7 years ago and in that time have had to make 2 claims on our policy. Johnsen Insurance has gone above and beyond the call of duty. In 2012 Spa Serenity experienced a fire in our building that could have been devastating but with Johnsen Insurance as a partner we were back open on 7 days just in time for Valentines Day Weekend. Bill and his team make sure our insurance covers the things I do not even know to look for in and insurance policy. As as small independent business Spa Serenity relies on our local business partners to be experts in their fields so we can do what we do and not worry about the details. Thank You Johnson Insurance for being a great business partner and community partner.

    Lacey Steffes Spa Serenity
  • As co-members of the Downtown Baraboo Inc. I recognized Bills professionalism.  Now we are customers AND friends! He handles my account with expertise and exceptional service.  I would highly recommend his family run agency.

    Barb Etcetera by BLH
  • Johnsen Insurance isn’t just working in the insurance industry, they are working to make the Baraboo community the greatest place to live and work.

    Bobbie Boettcher Baraboo Chamber of Commerce Executive Director
  • We trust Johnsen Insurance with ALL our insurance needs. Quick, friendly & most of all knowledgeable service. Mike & Bill always have us covered!

    Jeff Wedekind Jeff's Import & Domestic Auto Repair, LLC
  • Patient, kind and professional insurance company. Can't say enough great things!

    Stephanie S.
  • Hometown supporters and the only agents around that I trust!

    Jeff S.
  • Feels good to have someone local who knows what they're doing when it comes to my policies!

    Kilbourn Media
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